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"This is a great burger spot, with delicious food and very friendly/enthusiastic staff. We were served by Ginny who, from this being my first time here, was more than happy to give me her personal recommendations and the low down on each menu item.Got "The Burger 1" and the "Arbor Super Burger" for 2 (pictured with this review), but there was also an option to build your own burger, so they literally can make your perfect burger. Though I actually really liked the cole slaw in Burger 1 I would not have thought to add myself. A good number of bun types too, (I got a pretzel bun). All the food was perfectly cooked with the add on of flavorful fries and onion rings that didn't pull out of their outside when bitten in half! Overall really good food and absolutely worth the cost.10/10 would recommend Burger 1, and I'll for sure be going back!"
Benjamin Bratton
"You know a place needs to be awesome when it mentions "All Halal Meat" in their name itself. We were planning to go to Burger 1 for a while and finally were able to. The place is nice and clean. It has two entrances. One on the street and the other from the parking lot. The parking is located in the back of the restaurant.Let's talk food now. We tried the Signature, The Arbor super burger and the Crispy Chicken. All 3 of them were awesome!. "The meat was cooked to perfection and every thing was fresh and very Delicious. The crispy chicken was surprisingly good. They have really good fries as well along with some yummy shakes. These were definitely some of the best Halal Burgers we have ever tried. Offcourse had to say alhamdulillah. The place appeared popular among university students and construction workers. Overall good ambience and customer service. It was worth the drive. Will go back again!"
Syed Fawaz
"If you are looking for a great burger or patty melt look no further. I have been here twice now and both times the quality was consistently excellent.I've tried the Chapo burger and now the Patty Melt. I also got the East Coast fries this time. My girlfriend got the Patty Melt with American cheese and Burger 1 sauce.Easy easy easy recommendation for a burger. Worth the trip out to the area if you've got a craving.We paid just under $30 for two patty melts, side of fries, side of east coast fries and one pop. It is slightly more than you might expect for that but the quality more than makes up for it.I'm posting this from my car just after leaving because it was so great. I will be back again soon!"
Sam Livingway
"This was my first time eating here and I will definitely be back! Ginny was very enthusiastic in helping explain the menu and ordering options. Our food was ready quickly and was absolutely fantastic! I definitely recommend coming in and giving Burger 1 a shot!"
Benjamen Ayers

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Burger One® is a contemporary and distinctive halal burger joint franchise. From a small local business to a multi-location restaurant, Burger One® has been long-committed to offering fresh and quality halal food to provide an exceptional experience, the kind of experience that’s “the one above all”.

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